Wall Shelves in Your Home Designing

this image shows stylish wall shelves

Wall shelves can be a great addition to your décor whether your room is large and feels a little empty or even if it’s small and needs sprucing up. For the latter purpose, they apparently also serve an important storage need. In general, they help maintain your home tidy and clutter-free.

Variety of Wall Shelves

There is a huge variety of different stylish wall shelves are will certainly be one that suits your taste, pocket, and feel of your room. The traditional choices are shelf brackets or shelf boards. These have visible support underneath which secures the shelf to the wall. There are floating shelves that will give your room a clean appearance. Another option is beautiful ones with geometric frames or shapes. Choose ones that will complement the general feel of the place. Some shelves are made of glass, perfectly suited for bathroom settings.

Location and Placement

Location and placement are also crucial in making wall shelves work best for you. If it is a single shelf, it can be strategically placed at a focal point or to draw eyes to the center of the room. You might want to purchase two or more and arrange them to reflect your artistic expression or create balance and symmetry in the room. If done well, this can liven up any wall or space. Also, make sure they are adequately distanced from each other, to maintain a beautiful aesthetic. 

this is a picture of wall shelves

Purpose of Shelves

Floating shelves, shelf brackets, or shelf boards can be used to display books, paintings, or photo frames. Geometric wall shelves or those that are shaped as frames themselves are better for holding smaller objects such as candles, ornaments, or miniature vases. Do not put too many items on each shelf as this may defeat the purpose if you are trying to create a clean clutter-free appearance.

For functional purposes or to save space in smaller rooms, there are also mounted shelves that can hold bigger items such as clothes, guitars, or even a bicycle.

Wall shelves are great aesthetically and functionally. There are many designs made of different materials suitable for any room in your home. You can easily see the beautiful things you have on display or reach for what you want when you need it. So whatever your style or space needs, there is a wall shelf just right for you.